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Splunk certified Architect Got my Splunk Architect (I) certification. The lab took 12 hours from the beginning to the end. Now looking for the II level!

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Splunk “Loading…” issue – quick fix Sometimes you can start experiencing the following issue: after successful login to Splunk, instead of a dashboard(s) it shows only short message “Loading…” and it is never ending. No menu …Continue reading →

Adobe Flash Player – true zero-day vulnerability CVE-2015-7645 Adobe still keeps a tradition to publish information about new zero-day vulnerabilities affecting their Flash Player (now What is really interesting – there is no patch yet, and this vulnerability …Continue reading →

All aboard! Time to check-in on “Insight” If you missed your chance to get a boarding pass to “Orion” mission, you have another chance: NASA is preparing “Insight” and this flight is heading to Mars the next …Continue reading →

Deface pages at Pastebin TAGS: | | is favorite place for software programmers. They share code snippets, and by default a submitted “pastie” is publicly available. By some reason hackers also like to share HTML codes of …Continue reading →

Phishing, funny stuff Recently I got yet another phishing email that invited me to do something urgently with my RBC account. Oh, nice! I have to install a security certificate in order to continue …Continue reading →

Snorby & Snort is up and running Finally I setup my home IDS: Snort & Snorby on top. The goal: to see what is going on in my Internet traffic, is there anything interesting. Also Snort output …Continue reading →

Did you get your boarding pass to the “Orion” mission? TAGS: | | Send your name to Mars

Smart Connector “Filter Out” issue TAGS: | | | ArcSight Smart Connectors has a very useful feature: it is possible to set up a filter to filter out unwanted events and don’t send them to a destination (ESM ArcSight, …Continue reading →

Python SUDS, WSDL, HTTPS proxy and SOAP authentication. TAGS: | | | Today I would like to share a recipe how to utilize WSDL (SOAP) in a Python SUDS script behind the HTTPS proxy. It may be useful for getting some commercial …Continue reading →




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